92NY Gilgamesh

Roundtable on Gilgamesh hosted by 92nd Street Y

New York, September 5–19, 2023

Download the PowerPoint for the first lesson here, and for the third lesson here.

Order a copy of the book here.

Find my other academic writings about Gilgamesh here, and read the Twitter thread I wrote for its 150th anniversary here.

Find the most updated edition of the epic at the Electronic Babylonian Literature project.

For the second lesson (Sep. 12), read the translation of the epic. We will be focusing on the end of Tablet VI, lines 147–83.

For the third lesson (Sep. 19), we will be looking at the epic’s ending and modern reception. Read the five accompanying essays.

Sign up for the Enheduana Roundtable here.

Notes from the class

Recordings of how Babylonian literature may have been pronounced: BAPLAR.

New digital platform for Gilgamesh (and other Babylonian literature): the Electronic Babylonian Literature.

Further reading on the ancient Near East: Marc Van De Mieroop, Benjamin and Karen Foster.

Article by Selena Wisnom on music and repetition.

The epic’s modern reception: Gilgamesh Among Us, Theodore Ziolkowski

Modern Arabic poetry responding to the epic: Gilgamesh’s Snake, Ghareeb Iskander

Theory of inter-translational dialogue, p. 28–36: The Conference of the Tongues, Theo Hermans