A black angel, from a manuscript of the Medieval alchemical treatise Aurora Consurgens that I wrote about for Weekendavisen.

Winners and losers

Danish. In my sixth entry for Weekendavisen‘s lexicon, I discuss the word “winning” and the strangely central role it played during four years of American politics. The extent to which an exclusive focus on winning is politically counterproductive is underscored by the fact that Trump was replaced by a president, Biden, whose political narrative centered… Continue reading Winners and losers

Before the Flood

Danish. Are Danish museums prepared for the coming climate catastrophe? In this article, I survey the plans that Danish cultural institutions have made to protect their cultural heritage against extreme weather phenomena and social unrest over the coming decades, drawing a parallel between the situation we face today and the story of the Flood as… Continue reading Before the Flood

Modes of flow

Danish. For a review of Anders Søgaard’s poetical and postmodern retelling of the Iliad, I argue that Homer’s epic can be read as a flurry of interconnections. The epic pursues a wealth of different associations to push the plot restlessly on: the movement of weapons, words, people, objects, eyes, memories, and myths are just some… Continue reading Modes of flow