LitHum lecture

Lecture on Enheduana and Enuma Elish for the Columbia University Literature Humanities series

OBS: This site is for instructors. Do not share with students.

Download the PowerPoint here.

Find my book on Enheduana here.

Find the Enheduana website – including an annotated translation, wiki-style intros to key topics, and further resources for students to explore – at

Find the most updated edition of Enuma Elish at the Electronic Babylonian Literature project.

Download my introduction, translation, and chapter of Enuma Elish BUT DO NOT SHARE THEM WITH ANYONE.

Find my other academic writings about Enheduana here, and about Enuma Elish here.

For a general introduction to the history of the ancient Near East, see the books by Marc Van De Mieroop and by Benjamin and Karen Foster.

If you want to assign podcasts to the students as “background listening,” I would recommend my episode on Poetry Off the Shelf for Enheduana and Eckart Frahm on Great Books for Enuma Elish.

For the reception of Enuma Elish, download Frahm’s “Counter-texts, Commentaries, and Adaptations” here. For the Biblical dimension especially, download Frahm’s “Creation and the Divine Spirit” here.

Find Johannes Haubold’s (excellent and short) book on comparing Greek and Babylonian texts here.

Origins: Download my “Birth of the Author” here and Binkley’s “Rhetoric of Origins” here.

Gender: Download my “Marduk’s Penis” here and Frymer-Kensky’s “Marginalization of the Goddesses” here.

Empire: Download Katz’s “Reconstructing Babylon” here and find Gabriel’s book here.

Language: Find Delnero’s book here and Van De Mieroop’s book here.