I love giving talks, especially on:

  • Gilgamesh and its relevance to the modern world.
  • Enheduana, the world’s first author.
  • Philology: what it is and why it matters.
  • Climate activism in Denmark, and the highly successful Green Student Movement.
  • Homosexuality and non-binary gender in ancient Iraq.

To book a talk in Denmark, visit To book a talk abroad, you can reach me at: sophushelle at cc dot au dot dk. Below you will find a sample of the talks, interviews and podcasts I have done in the past.


  • Podcast, Danish. “Specialister” (“The Specialist”), Koncertaften, P2, with Benedikte Granvig (8 October 2020). Link.
  • Video, English. Presentation at the European Young Research Award ceremony, where I was awarded the 2020 Popular Prize (5 September 2020). Link. Follow-up interview with Elsevier Connect: Link.
  • Video, Danish. Presentation with Morten Søndergaard at the bookshop Arnold Busck, Købmagergade (12 November 2019). Link.
  • Podcast, Danish. Presentation with Morten Søndergaard at the Copenhagen Main Library (15 October 2019). Link.
  • Print, Danish and English. “Gilgamesh: 4.000 år gammel rastløs gigant er superaktuel” (“Gilgamesh: The 4,000 year-old giant who speaks to our times”), Uniavisen, with Anders Fjeldberg (22 May 2019). English version. Danish version.
  • Podcast, Danish. “4.000 år gammel litteratur hitter” (“4,000 year-old literature is a hit”), 24 Spørgsmål til Professoren, Radio24syv, with Lone Frank (6 April 2019). Link.
  • Print, Danish. “4.000 år gammel ‘superhelt’ kan lære os, at vi må indse, at vi skal dø, før vi rigtigt kan leve” (“4,000 year-old ‘superhero’ teaches us that we must face death in order to live”), Information, with Morten Søndergaard and Niels Ivar Larsen (5 April 2019). Link.
  • Podcast, Danish. “Gilgamesh”, Tidsånd, P1, with Morten Søndergaard and Christoffer Emil Bruun (4 April 2019). Link.
  • Print, Danish. “Verdens ældste klassiker i ny oversættelse” (“The world’s oldest classic in a new translation”), Berlingske, with Morten Søndergaard and Søren Schauser (3 April 2019). Link.
  • Podcast, Danish. “Gilgamesh nyoversat” (“New translation of Gilgamesh”), Kulturen på P1, P1, with Morten Søndergaard, Tore Leifer and Jesper Dein (2 April 2019). Link.
  • Podcast, Danish. “Lost in translation”, Supertanker, P1, with Morten Søndergaard, Carsten Ortmann and Erik Skyum-Nielsen (1 April 2019). Link.
  • Podcast, Danish. “Gilgamesh og verdens første lesbiske roman” (“Gilgamesh and the world’s first lesbian novel” – two seperate topics!), AK 24-7, Radio24syv, with Morten Søndergaard and Anders Christiansen (1 April 2019). Link.


  • Radio, Danish. “Enheduana”, Tidsånd, P1, with Shekufe Tadayoni Heiberg and Christoffer Emil Bruun (17 January 2019). Link.
  • Print, Danish. “Jagten på forfatterbegrebets 4.000 år gamle rod” (“The search for the 4,000 year old mess of authorship”), ForskerForum, with Lasse Højsgaard (6 September 2019). Link.
  • Radio, Danish. “Det akademiske kvarter” (“The academic quarter”), Kulturen på P1, P1, with Jesper Dein and Karen Secher (29 May 2018). Link.
  • Print, Danish. “ Verdens første forfatter var en irakisk prinsesse, og hun skrev fuldkommen fantastisk poesi” (“The world’s first author was an Iraqi princess, and she wrote amazing poetry”), Politiken, with Anne Bech-Danielsen (18 April 2018). Link.

Photo: Aisha Mellah