I’m a writer, translator and cultural historian.

I specialize in ancient poetry, especially the Babylonian epics. But my interests range widely, from the oldest literature to love in Disney.

Translating Gilgamesh

In 2019, I published a new Danish translation of Gilgamesh. Reviewers called it “one of those miracles that makes life worth living.” 

I am currently hard at work on a new English translation for Yale University Press.

The first author

My other great passion is Enheduana, the world’s first author: a high priestess who lived more than 4,000 years ago.

You can find my articles about Enheduana here.

Climate change

In 2018, I helped launch the hugely successful Green Student Movement, which brought climate change to the fore of Danish politics.

My next project is to write a book on the movement and the secret to its success.

The forgotten science

Philology was once the “queen of sciences” – now it’s on death’s door. But it remains the foundation for all our knowledge of the past.

In a forthcoming series of articles, I explore what philology is and how it might survive.

Talks and interviews

I am a passionate story-teller. I have given presentations on all the topics mentioned above, and many more.

Click here to check out my previous talks and interviews, and details on how to book me for your local library, bookshop or cultural event.

Essays and articles

I have collected all my published writings here, including links and copies.

They span a wide range of topics, from a skit by Jon Stewart to the uncertainty of death.