Polarized poetry

For a special issue of Weekendavisen on the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death, I wrote three pieces: a series of short notes on what Dante means to us today; an account of the troubled attempts to revoke his exile from Florence; and an essay on political polarization, where I argue that there is a split within polarization itself. We know that we belong to one of two warring factions who disagree about almost everything, but we still strive to reach general conclusions about the world, as if that split did not exist. Nobody represents this split better than Dante, who was incessantly polemical and just as intellectually ambitious. His poetry is made great by the tension between polarized passion and worldwide vision.

“Bogholderiet” (“Bookkeeping”), “Uenstemmigt” (“Ununanimous”), “Polariseringens poesi” (“The poetry of polarization”), Weekendavisen (9 September 2021). Link, link, link.