Climate change and history

Danish. The essay situates the current climate crisis in a broader historical context, examining our cultural experience of living through a “historical moment,” as well as the clashing time of climate change activism, which call for both fast-paced and long-sighted action at the same time.

“Klimaforandringerne har en fordel: Det historiske øjeblik tvinger os til at drømme” (“There is an upside to climate change: The historical moment forces us to dream”), Zetland (January 2019). Link.

Open letter on climate

In November 2018, I co-wrote an open letter to the management of Danish universities, calling for them to implement immediate, ambitious and long-term climate-friendly policies. The letter was signed by more than 700 researchers at Danish universities.

With Marc Malmdorf Andersen, “Let us show the way towards a more ambitious climate agenda,” open letter to Danish universities (November 2018). English version. Danish version.

The climate consesus

Danish. The op-ed argues that, at the time of writing, there was a surprisingly large gap between how many people were concerned about climate change in Europe and how many people were thought to be concerned about climate change. An overwhelming majority (86% in Denmark, comparable figures can be found for the rest of Europe) wanted their politicians to propose ambitious climate policies, but this was far from apparent in public debate.

“Det er tid til at lukke klimakløften” (“It’s time to close the climate gap”), Jyllandsposten (May 2018). Op-ed on the climate change debate. Link.